About STG

Our service is both innovative and progressive, helping our clients work with ever more complex building regulations to ensure their project is both sustainable and of the highest quality. We pride ourselves on not compromising on the quality of the service which is at the core of our partnership and believe we deliver a value for money and fully transparent service. 

Formed in 2007, our partnership is built on expertise and true impartiality that only a Local Authority can deliver. The skills, knowledge and experience gained across public sector are essential in meeting the needs of our customers in a complex changing built environment. 

Our vision

Our partnership will change the way you think about Local Authority Building Control. Never compromising on quality of service and providing true impartiality. 

Our mission 

STG seeks to provide innovative solutions to the building sector. We strive to grow our partnership with the honesty and integrity that is strengthened through our transparency. 


Our core values

  1. Quality - We never compromise on quality in fulfilling our mission in delivering the best service possible. 
  2. Impartiality - We exist to serve those who need our advice to make informed decisions, ensure their work complies and understand legislation. 
  3. Transparency - Where our partnership is being upfront and visible about the actions we take and provides a work culture where employees rigorously communicate with their peers and exchange ideas and thoughts. 
  4. Integrity - We believe that as a partnership we have moral obligations as well as commercial ones. We are committed to working as a partnership that focuses on treating others as we would hope to be treated - with honesty, fairness, integrity and abiding by our word.